JetCarrier Solutions – Freight Calculation

Freight Calculation

The freight calculation for a shipment is done using the fregiht calculation weight and in some cases combined with the freight zone. This varies depending on the transportation produkt used. 

Business Parcel (NP)

Based on PostNords calculations. Based on fluctuation in fuel prices, a variable surcharges is added. This surcharge will vary depending on movements in the fuel and energy prices. 

How to calculate:

  • Real weight: 30 kg.
  • Dimensions: H44 cm, W75 cm, L110 cm = 363 000 cm3 / 1000 = 363 dm3
  • 363 dm3/3.5 = 104, i.e. 104 kg freight calculation weight.​ 

Pallet (L)

Pallets are standardized and measure L120cm, W80cm, and the height varies. Pallets must not exceed a maximum height of 200cm and a maximum weight of 1000kg. The pallet price is calculated for each pallet as long as the maximum dimensions are upheld.

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