Import & Export

Jetcarrier is your trusted partner for seamless import and export solutions. With a commitment to provide efficient and high quality customs solutions, we aim to simplify the entire logistics process. 

Customs Clearance Solutions

JetCarrier has over 20 years experience with customs clearance to and from Norway. We can help with clearance of goods for companies both to and from Norway. We have customs warehouses and well-located warehouses just 5 minutes from the border at Svinesund.

Customs Clearance 

Jetcarrier Logistics is your go-to choice for efficient customs clearance. We hold consolidated customs clearance permits for bulk eCommerce clients looking to expand into the Norwegian market.

Our expertise in handling the complexities of customs regulations ensures your products reach your customers without delays or hiccups.

Bulk Customs Clearance to the EU

For businesses seeking to navigate the European Union market, our bulk customs clearance services provide a seamless path.

We specialize in EU customs procedures, facilitating smoother trade and minimizing the bureaucratic hassle.

Serving Both B2C and B2B Needs

Our comprehensive solutions cater to the diverse needs of businesses. Whether you’re engaged in business-to-business or business-to-consumer transactions, Jetcarrier Logistics offers the expertise and resources to facilitate your import and export operations effectively.

Collective- and VOEC clearances

Collective clearances refer to the process of consolidating multiple shipments under a single declaration. This method streamlines customs procedures, reducing paperwork and costs.

VOEC (VAT on E-commerce) clearances pertain to the value-added tax for international online sales. Our proficiency in these areas ensures efficient and cost-effective solutions

Intuitive Integration Platform

In an era where convenience and speed are paramount, Jetcarrier Logistics has designed a user-friendly integration platform.

This technology simplifies your interaction with customs clearance processes, making it easier than ever to get your products to market efficiently.

IOSS customs clearance

Jetcarrier Logistics 

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